And the Oscar’s go to…Leonardo DiCaprio

So you have been following this guy for ages now, you have literally grown old watching his timeless movies and yet he looks like an absolute breath taking beauty. However, there is so much more to this born to act talent that, his looks are certainly knocked down a few notches in the list of things we love about Leonardo Dicaprio.

Listing his top 5 movies where he totally could have nailed the Oscars(Too bad for them)

  1. Titanic
    This one definitely has to feature on the list. He was a complete stunner as the rogue and rugged jack. I don’t know a girl who dint go all drooling over his crooked lopsided smile. He managed to break a lot hearts with his over zealous chemistry with Kate Winslet. The girls absolutely hate you Rose for letting him stay in water that day, while you basked on the plank(*unforgivable*)
  2. Blood Diamond
    This one struck a cord. The sheer beauty of Leonardo’s acting skills was on a whole new level. He amazed us with his astounding act as ‘Danny Archer’. He take us through the harrowing journey of the dark underbelly of diamond mining and manages to keep us hooked until the curtains draw. His powerful performance received the much deserved appreciation, however he is still shy of one shiny Oscar
  3. Shutter Island.
    Okay so how many people out here, who could speak about Shutter Island for hours endlessly and not blink while doing so! ME ME ME..shutter island was a complete ride, the perfect blend of great direction, amazing cinematography and of course a dash of pure acting brilliance. He simply stunned us once again with his acting excellence.How does this guy manage to act like he is the part,down to the nth second!
  4. Inception
    PURE GENIUS! Even Leonardo owes this one to the exceptional movie plot as much as the plot owes to Leonardo’s extraordinary acting. Who in their sane minds would believe and execute a concept like dream catchers as effortlessly as Dicaprio did. He made us believe that shit too! I almost wonder if I am in Limbo, because that’s how monotonous reality can get(* however, I would not mind being in one if I had the Dashing Dom with me building a world of ourselves.)
  5. The Revanant
    Please Please Please, he so deserves this one! He has all along.The Revenant might have been too gory for my liking or appetite, but if anybody could have made me watch the movie right up til the end out of sheer curiosity it had to be this guy! Leonardo Dicaprio as Hugh Glass was simply on top of the world with his Vengeance and revenge. He was the Revenant in every sense of the word. He was a bitter father that lost his son,and yet carries of the harrowing journey like his life depended on it(*literally though*). He made our heart’s leap to our mouth when he was shoved cruelly into his grave..his journey was mind blowing.

    SO let’s all spread a whole of of positivity for this exceptional man, a truly a superstar. Sure an Oscar isnt going to define his acting brilliance, but he truly does deserve this one!Love,
    Fan-who- will-rerun-all-his-movies!