Wandering or Lost?

She walked those cool marbled floors with a sense of eerie. The urge to
turn around was never more concerning. She believed in angels alright, but
that came with its own set of perks. The good with the bad, the right and
wrong, angels & ….she caught her stray thoughts. Her mind was again swaying
back to those thoughts. That is when she heard Ellie, her best friend, her
partner in crime, the one who just “got her”.
It had been 4 years, the accident that had devastated her life, her family,
her pet everything she felt close to her. Except Ellie!   Ellie and she
survived…somehow through it all, they just did.” Lets go by the river, let’s go
cycling…it’s been a while” said Ellie casually. “Not today, I don’t feel like it”.
“You never feel like It, I am sick of it…sick of the four walls and the cold floor, I
need air…I need light, let’s go Rihanna” announced Ellie, feeling more
confident by her firm demeanor. She sulked but she knew Ellie was right;
they could use some fresh air!
They dressed up in casual warm clothes. Rihanna turned and guffawed
at Ellie” not black, not black, I hate black, WEAR SOMETHING ELSE!” Rihanna
never got over black…the funeral, the dirt, the screeching brakes, the thud,
slow groans…they splintered her soul. Black rendered her hopeless.” Okay”-
said Ellie, no questions asked no explanation expected, it was understood, it
was Ellie- Rihanna after all!
As they strode across the path and took up their cycle she noticed Ellie’s
cycle was punctured. She wondered how? It had only been a fortnight since
they had refilled the air. “Kids” she thought carelessly.

As they reached the river she could feel eyes in her. Familiar people,
some she liked some she hated some just acquaintances. She despised this
feeling, they stared like she wasn’t herself anymore….! She ignored, Ellie
patted her and took her hand…they sat reminiscing the old days! She laughed,
so hard after so long! It felt good, dint feel wrong anymore, the laugh!
She doesn’t know how long she waited there. She was just discussing
prom, when a lady in white dress stood over her, pitiful eyes boring down on
Rihanna!” What” exclaimed Rihanna rebelliously! “We need to go back” said
the lady.
The next thing she remembered was waking up to the strangely familiar
buzz, she got up, but the chains pulled her back with vengeance. Nervous,
worried & panicking she pulled at the chains. They remained hinged and
unmovable! The white lady came in, same pitiful eyes and she squandered
about the room. Rihanna tried to speak, ask questions but words failed her.
“Ellie” she mustered strength finally. The white lady slashed out with an
unseen ferocity and slurred out the words. Rihanna dint seem to hear them.
Ellie sat across the bed rest and smiled. An uncanny vicious smile…and
muttered with an almost mute tone” schizophrenic they call you RI, they think
you are…” Ellie’s words muted out.
The realization struck in like a million times before…the hospital walls closed
in on her…yet again. These tiresome circles were just but a part of a
schizophrenic’s life.
She was losing herself to Ellie, realization dawned! Fighting a losing battle one
to many times…

Vicious Circle: Book Review

Vicious Circle , A beautifully written story that captures the true essence of what revenge tastes like in all its sinister ways. This story, a sequel to ‘Those in Peril‘. Its a roller coaster ride that you experience with the hurt and vengeful characters.

The Plot:

Hazel Bannock, billionaire owing to the windfall of her first husband, shes pretty, smart and sassy, everything you can expect from Wilbur Smith’s masterful character development.She is however, short lived. She meets a disastrous end and it breaks your heart, you may end up thinking about it more than you should! Hector Cross, the co-founder of Cross Bow security, the best character in the book and Hazels beau. He loves Hazel Bannock like a guy would love a girl only in the books.(*excuse the pessimism*).

After the death of his lady love, Hector Cross is like a rabid dog, thirsty for the vengeful end of those who killed Hazel, also to protect is beautiful daughter Catherine Cayla. This journey begins with Hector and his partners at the Cross bow security firm going over the details of that fateful night.

What follows is pure drama, carefully and tactically unfolding through the turning of the pages.Hector cross uncovers, that the snake is in the family of the Bannocks.The book has a book within it! In my opinion that’s the best part of Vicious Circle. It is pure evil,gut churningly sinister. It defines the word evil defines the pure sadism that Smith has wonderfully laid to his readers.However I admit, its not for everybody. It may be too gory, graphic for the weak hearted(*nothing wrong with that*). While hector takes you on a journey from London to Abu Zara to the mystical Africa(Yayee moment for Wilbur smith readers)

Carl Peter Banncock is a character so well developed by Wilbur, it takes you back to the timeless books like When the lion feeds, The Sunbird (Only for the character essence). Carl is like the child of Satan himself. The acts of Carl depicted in the book makes you question humanity, or the total lack of it. He leaves you with a shuddering memory. Carl will continue to be one of those characters you will refer to, when you talk of the worst villains ever written.

The negatives, if I have to list would be that, this isn’t on top of Wilbur Smiths writing style. Jo Stanely is one if the most underdeveloped characters and fails to do what she was meant to. The love angle that Smith tried to weave, for the first time sadly failed.

The end, well this is the tricky part. There are two evil branches to the tree of vicious circle.One might feed your satisfaction purely for the level of sadism being brought to an end. However, the other evil was much predictably given a bizarre end that may not go down well with the readers.

All in all, it is a good read. There is a certain way that Wilbur smith tries to hold your attention and he does so effortlessly. However given his other books, this one does not quite reach that mark.

I would rate this book :