He Smiled, I did too..

via Daily Prompt: Recognize

Small stories, quick glances, swift moves, fast love stories,
there is a certain charm to give it credit,
in those glances at the bus stop, over the piping hot tea glasses at the stalls,
in the park, it is passionate, how?
how could it in the name of god be passionate when sometimes a lifetime is not enough.
To mean all the I love you’s said, then how could this 5 min brief exchange mean so much?
Or be passionate for that matter?
It’s really simple because for those 5 mins you refuse to think about the flaws, about the materialistic virtues.
About his qualities, his habits,
All that matters is all that exists right there between him and you.
In an electrifying, almost mind-numbing moment
Of nothingness….of fullness,
complete satisfaction right there…
no expectations, no arguments,
no fighting over I love tea, you coffee.
I am a dog person and him not or how gentlemanly he may treat your friends.
it’s about you n him.
So isn’t that how all relationships should be about?
Well, face it! It never will be, so till let’s enjoy, these glances and awkward smiles at seemingly random places, like I said there is a certain charm to it, an aura that is irrefutable!
Would you then, recognize each other if you crossed each other on the subway?
20 years from now?
Souls that emerged from the same star that exploded into a million pieces
Every single piece would recognize each other

Just like the both of you would!