Cry too often?

Most of us believe tears are a sign of weakness. More often than not, they are quite the opposite. We women believe in so many things. We do so with sheer passion. We believe men must ask directions, we believe women are better organizers, we believe that men who can see a women doing better than themselves still exist.We know of many inspiring women. We know of many empowered women and yet,we have often be accused of being feminists! Well , yes we are feminist! Please also do note by feminist we do not mean sexist, we mean gender equality.

But why is it that we look at tears as a sign of hopelessness and depression? Why are tears only associated with a moment of vulnerability in the negative sense?

Let me tell you a story!

I know of a lady.A typical Indian woman by all means and that I say in the most proud way possible. She is bound by rituals and traditions and yet she argues with me about how every ritual has a scientific meaning(*not all though*). She confides in me about her fears, she confides in me, her struggles. She cries many a times while narrating a story.She cries if she cant hold a argument. She cries when she is hungry!Oh,she cries at the drop of a hat! It always annoyed me, I often told her to hold her emotions in a much conducted fashion.

And yet,she has braved a multitude of things in her life, it astounds me. They say that some people suffer more than others, I really don’t know how true that is. But as a first hand witness to her life I can say this, she has managed to brave difficult medical situations with her children, she has managed to learn to live with a chronic physical ailment since she was only 36. Today she is 53. She has learned to walk more than thrice in her lifetime. She has supported her family and continues to do so with a persistent zest.

It has now dawned on me, that maybe tears are her venting. Maybe tears are her respite. She isn’t weak until she gives up right? She continues to go through life each and everyday and continues to lecture me and inspire me to do better things in life. It still baffles me sometimes of how she can manage to shed tears when she is hungry and the food isn’t ready! This coming from a brave woman who has almost literally seen her own child on the death bed.


She to me is the epitome of what we woman are made of. We are strong individuals who are so emotionally vulnerable in the most beautiful way possible. We are perfect in our heads, we are self validators when there is no one to praise you. We sometimes look at the mirror and smile at ourselves, because we think ‘Oh,I am looking pretty today’. Yeah we stare at ourselves more than we should, yeah we love purses, bags with unseen ferocity and yet no amount of clothes ever seem to be enough in our over flowing wardrobes. Yet, yet, yet we are the women who can hold her man’s hand in the moment he lost his self respect. We are the ones who can manage houses with the right dash of diplomacy and firmness. We are the women who would prepare two types of meals just to cater to everyone needs. We are the women who have grown to become entrepreneurs, CEO’s, inspiring millions and an excellent homemaker in the same regard.

We are who we are, beautiful, proud , sensitive. So my dear ladies, give yourself the much needed break, go for a spa, enjoy a quite walk by yourself, watch your favorite F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode or just simply lie in awkward positions and stare at the ceiling or better yet,read your favorite book. Don’t forget to praise all the men in your life who continue to support you while you are out there to take the world by storm in your glorifying beauty, with them around life is a little easier. And above all dear women, don’t be afraid to shed a tear! Because you see, its okay to cry to often!



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