7 bizarre wedding traditions around the world.

Everybody has a certain expectation about their marriage, some ‘forever’ type wedding wishes. It’s more than just a marriage certificate. However, not every bride and groom can choose how their wedding day might turn out to be. Here’s a list of the 7 most bizarre wedding traditions around the world…(* After this, you’ll consider yourself lucky if you are saying ‘I do’ the normal way, I Promise!*)

1.The Crying ceremony, ChinaTujia Wedding



China is a country that has a rich cultural heritage to boast. With thick culture, comes weird traditions. In China, a sect called the Tujia, that ranks 8th in the ethnic minority in China believe in the crying ceremony. This ceremony comprises of the bride, preparing for her wedding a month in advance. What’s weird about this you’d say? Well, the bride’s prep includes crying daily for an hour, almost a month before her wedding. A week later, her mother joins in, one more week and her grandmother, aunts join in. Towards the wedding, the entire female clan weeps for 1 hour daily until the wedding.However, this is done as a sign of positivity and happiness. Like I say, it’s okay to cry too often.

2. The Kumbh Vivah, India
Kumbh Vivah

India, my rich , colourful, vibrant and beautiful country. We as Indians are knee deep in rituals and traditions, some good, some not so great, like the weird wedding tradition. But this is right on top of the list when it comes to weird facts about Indian weddings. The kumbh Vivah is done in case of Mangliks.According to astrology,Mangliks are basically individuals who may face some glitches post marriage. To avoid any unfortunate occurrences, it is believes that the manglik should first marry either a tree(Banana or Peepal), or a doll or in many cases a pitcher of water. This isn’t some fake wedding. Therefore, the bride will adorn complete wedding dress(not weird wedding dresses), take the wedding vows(7 pheres) etc. After this, she is free to marry her prospective.

3. The feet hitting feat, Korea

Feet Hitting ceremony

Korean weddings have a bizarre ritual wherein, the groom’s feet is tied together and latched onto a stick. His feet is the taken off the ground. Using Yellow Corniva, a form of dried fish, the groom is hit in his feet. This isn’t as torturous as you’d think. It is infact, made out to be a fun event, wherein the groom is asked fun questions and quizzed, he is expected to give the correct answers to these questions while being subjected to hitting. Knowledge testing isn’t the only objective behind this ritual, it is also believed that this ritual is done to check the groom strength before his first night( *Hold your horses there people*). South Korean weddings sound fun.

4.Carrying the bride, Europe

Carrying the bride over the threshold

You’d ask, what’s weird about that? Well, this is an old tradition and is pretty prevalent in many parts of the world for various reasons, however it is believe here that the bride might be extra vulnerable to evil spirits through her feet. Therefore, the groom is asked to carry her up-to her new home.(and we aren’t complaining, right ladies?). Some religions also believe that this is symbolic of the bride not wanting to leave her maiden home and therefore the guy is almost literally carrying her to her new house.

5. Marrying animals, India

Marrying animals

In some parts of India, it is believed that one can ward off evil by letting the bride marry an animal. It is believed that girls who were either born with a single teeth or were born rather ugly are believed to be possessed by some evil spirits. They can do away with this by getting married to an animal. Post which they are at free will to marry their choice of husband. The bride is not expected to have any kind of physical relations with the animal, its merely a ritual(*thank god for that*). No wedding anniversary to celebrate!

6. Kyz ala kachuu, Kyrgyzstan

Kyz ala kachuu, Kyrgyzstan

Again upping the weird quotient is the Kyz ala kachuu tradition. This very literally means, ‘to take the young woman and run away’. The bride is taken away by force or conceit. The groom and his relatives are responsible for the same. Popularly known as the bride kidnapping, is practiced in various parts of the world. The bride has to be kidnapped by the groom and taken to his house along with the help of his relatives. She will then be convinced by the female family members of the groom to wear the scarf. This is symbolic of her acceptance to the marriage.

7. Pay and dance,Poland


Pay and dance

This ritual had originated in Poland sometime during the 1960’s. This ritual involves the bride or groom dance, but this is taken one step ahead.The male members part of this wedding can pay the bride and ask her for a dance. Similarly, the female members of the wedding can ask the groom for a dance in turn get paid for it. Interesting isn’t it?

Leave it on us to keep this world an interesting place filled with bizarre traditions and shocking rituals. These were just some of the bizarre wedding traditions around the world, amazing stuff!

Cry too often?

Most of us believe tears are a sign of weakness. More often than not, they are quite the opposite. We women believe in so many things. We do so with sheer passion. We believe men must ask directions, we believe women are better organizers, we believe that men who can see a women doing better than themselves still exist.We know of many inspiring women. We know of many empowered women and yet,we have often be accused of being feminists! Well , yes we are feminist! Please also do note by feminist we do not mean sexist, we mean gender equality.

But why is it that we look at tears as a sign of hopelessness and depression? Why are tears only associated with a moment of vulnerability in the negative sense?

Let me tell you a story!

I know of a lady.A typical Indian woman by all means and that I say in the most proud way possible. She is bound by rituals and traditions and yet she argues with me about how every ritual has a scientific meaning(*not all though*). She confides in me about her fears, she confides in me, her struggles. She cries many a times while narrating a story.She cries if she cant hold a argument. She cries when she is hungry!Oh,she cries at the drop of a hat! It always annoyed me, I often told her to hold her emotions in a much conducted fashion.

And yet,she has braved a multitude of things in her life, it astounds me. They say that some people suffer more than others, I really don’t know how true that is. But as a first hand witness to her life I can say this, she has managed to brave difficult medical situations with her children, she has managed to learn to live with a chronic physical ailment since she was only 36. Today she is 53. She has learned to walk more than thrice in her lifetime. She has supported her family and continues to do so with a persistent zest.

It has now dawned on me, that maybe tears are her venting. Maybe tears are her respite. She isn’t weak until she gives up right? She continues to go through life each and everyday and continues to lecture me and inspire me to do better things in life. It still baffles me sometimes of how she can manage to shed tears when she is hungry and the food isn’t ready! This coming from a brave woman who has almost literally seen her own child on the death bed.


She to me is the epitome of what we woman are made of. We are strong individuals who are so emotionally vulnerable in the most beautiful way possible. We are perfect in our heads, we are self validators when there is no one to praise you. We sometimes look at the mirror and smile at ourselves, because we think ‘Oh,I am looking pretty today’. Yeah we stare at ourselves more than we should, yeah we love purses, bags with unseen ferocity and yet no amount of clothes ever seem to be enough in our over flowing wardrobes. Yet, yet, yet we are the women who can hold her man’s hand in the moment he lost his self respect. We are the ones who can manage houses with the right dash of diplomacy and firmness. We are the women who would prepare two types of meals just to cater to everyone needs. We are the women who have grown to become entrepreneurs, CEO’s, inspiring millions and an excellent homemaker in the same regard.

We are who we are, beautiful, proud , sensitive. So my dear ladies, give yourself the much needed break, go for a spa, enjoy a quite walk by yourself, watch your favorite F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode or just simply lie in awkward positions and stare at the ceiling or better yet,read your favorite book. Don’t forget to praise all the men in your life who continue to support you while you are out there to take the world by storm in your glorifying beauty, with them around life is a little easier. And above all dear women, don’t be afraid to shed a tear! Because you see, its okay to cry to often!



Even death could not take this martyr off duty?

But, when you brood on any supernatural topic enough, that’s when the crazy juices flow! That’s when you hear something that is stuff of the legends, stories in forbidden books, fables your parents wont tell you! But nonetheless these things happen…Secrets have a way of getting out..don’t they?

Baba Harbajan Singh, martyred Indian soldier continues to live on, in more than just memories. I promise it will surprise you as much as it will spook you. They say, superstition has no bounds, they say people can loose their minds over superstition. Surely you wouldn’t expect the Indian soldiers & Chinese soldiers to continue to pay respects to a dead man like he was still amongst them?

The man who lived on..after dying.

Baba Harbajan Singh, an Indian soldier who continued to make India proud through his years in the service. India has always been proud of its soldiers and will always continue to be. India has also always been too intertwined in a multitude of superstitions and rituals. But what if I told you that these two come together? What if I told you that this is soldier continues to live on(Supernaturally though) in the same area he was posted during his last years.(*Now let that sink in, lets explore the story*)

Who was Baba Harbajan Singh?

Well, when it all began, he was just a proud Indian army soldier like a thousand other soldiers. Born into a Sikh family in Punjab, he went on to become a soldier in Amritsar and soon joined the Corps of Signals. He was posted into the 14 th Rajput regiment, he was later posted into the 18th Rajput regiment where he sadly lost his life(*or maybe not?*). He died on 11th September 1967, at the young age of 27. It was a great loss to his family and to the Indian army.

How did Baba Harbajan Singh lose his life?

On the  paper records of the Indian army says that he lost his life during a combat happening in the year 1967. Volatile situations between the Indian army and the PLA during those years were a common sight in Nathula pass region. It was during one of these combats, that Baba Harbajan Singh lost his precious life. This is the official story, this is the story that all the records,  facts and even soldiers will tell you!

And then you go on to hear the stuff the legend tells you, the stuff folklore continues to bring life into. All those supernatural things..but what if I tell you that our very own soldiers continue to treat the presence of Baba Harbjan Singh in a very life like manner?

The myth and beyond…

Legend has it, Baba Harbajan Singh was faithfully carrying some necessary supplies to an extreme remote outpost. He was supposedly leading a few mules that were carrying the supplies. During which an accident occurred, owing to which he drowned. They say his mortal remains were found after a 3 day search. What’s going to perk your ears up, is the fact that it is believed that, he himself guided the Search party to find his mortal remains.

Baba Harbajan soon came into the dreams of a Soldier and apparently asked him to build Baba  a shrine. This is where the Saint(Baba) status started to associate with the then ‘Harbajan Singh’. He has been also known to grant his followers and believers wishes.Over the years the legend of Baba Harbajan Singh has grabbed the attention of many skeptics and believers alike.

The current scenario that will awe you..

Baba Harbajan Singh is believed to continue to haunt the region even today. And no, he does not scare the shit out of soldiers, on the contrary, the soldiers of the area consider him very much a part of the regiment. Story has it, that even the Chinese soldiers pay respects to this great soldier, it is said that the Chinese also keep a chair empty for Baba Harbajan Singh during flag meetings. Indian soldiers believe that at times of war, Baba warns them at least three days in advance of an uninvited impending visit from across the borders. That’s not it! Baba is said to visit the soldiers rooms at night, there is always a bed that’s kept vacant for him, and many have reported ruffled or used bed sheets, boots and clothes in the morning.

That awwww moment in the ghost story?

Even a ghost soldier has to go home alright! Baba Harbajan Singh has train ticket booked for him every year on 11th September. He is believed to visit his home town, the berth is reserved for him and goes empty the whole journey, nobody can take his place. The local soldiers contribute some money and send it to the family of Baba Harbajan Singh.Some even believe that Baba continues to draw a Major’s salary even today.

Its amazing to see such fascinating and unbelievable things happening. Is it a true story, or just another hyped folklore? We’ll never know. But what will continue to amaze us that India is full of these mysteries that we so dearly believe in, that makes us who we are! And no, not saying that we need to go all superstitious and do crazy stuff! Just saying that we belong to a very very interesting land and we have so many stories to tell!!!