Where has everyone’s time gone?

Authentic and Bold

We would love to exercise more frequently, but who has the time? We would love to read more, but where’s the time for that? Don’t even think about something as crazy as learning to play a musical instrument, or learning a new language, or photography, or writing that book you’ve always thought about writing, or any of the other hobbies you might dream about pursuing one day. Maybe in retirement, but certainly not now. There aren’t enough hours in the day.

“People are too busy to…” Fill in the blanks, a ton of things apply. The book business is in decline… people are too busy to read books. Golf is in decline… people are too busy to squeeze in an entire round of it. The market for boats is a fraction of what it was ten years ago… people are too busy for a hobby that takes an entire afternoon…

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Vicious Circle: Book Review

Vicious Circle , A beautifully written story that captures the true essence of what revenge tastes like in all its sinister ways. This story, a sequel to ‘Those in Peril‘. Its a roller coaster ride that you experience with the hurt and vengeful characters.

The Plot:

Hazel Bannock, billionaire owing to the windfall of her first husband, shes pretty, smart and sassy, everything you can expect from Wilbur Smith’s masterful character development.She is however, short lived. She meets a disastrous end and it breaks your heart, you may end up thinking about it more than you should! Hector Cross, the co-founder of Cross Bow security, the best character in the book and Hazels beau. He loves Hazel Bannock like a guy would love a girl only in the books.(*excuse the pessimism*).

After the death of his lady love, Hector Cross is like a rabid dog, thirsty for the vengeful end of those who killed Hazel, also to protect is beautiful daughter Catherine Cayla. This journey begins with Hector and his partners at the Cross bow security firm going over the details of that fateful night.

What follows is pure drama, carefully and tactically unfolding through the turning of the pages.Hector cross uncovers, that the snake is in the family of the Bannocks.The book has a book within it! In my opinion that’s the best part of Vicious Circle. It is pure evil,gut churningly sinister. It defines the word evil defines the pure sadism that Smith has wonderfully laid to his readers.However I admit, its not for everybody. It may be too gory, graphic for the weak hearted(*nothing wrong with that*). While hector takes you on a journey from London to Abu Zara to the mystical Africa(Yayee moment for Wilbur smith readers)

Carl Peter Banncock is a character so well developed by Wilbur, it takes you back to the timeless books like When the lion feeds, The Sunbird (Only for the character essence). Carl is like the child of Satan himself. The acts of Carl depicted in the book makes you question humanity, or the total lack of it. He leaves you with a shuddering memory. Carl will continue to be one of those characters you will refer to, when you talk of the worst villains ever written.

The negatives, if I have to list would be that, this isn’t on top of Wilbur Smiths writing style. Jo Stanely is one if the most underdeveloped characters and fails to do what she was meant to. The love angle that Smith tried to weave, for the first time sadly failed.

The end, well this is the tricky part. There are two evil branches to the tree of vicious circle.One might feed your satisfaction purely for the level of sadism being brought to an end. However, the other evil was much predictably given a bizarre end that may not go down well with the readers.

All in all, it is a good read. There is a certain way that Wilbur smith tries to hold your attention and he does so effortlessly. However given his other books, this one does not quite reach that mark.

I would rate this book :

And the Oscar’s go to…Leonardo DiCaprio

So you have been following this guy for ages now, you have literally grown old watching his timeless movies and yet he looks like an absolute breath taking beauty. However, there is so much more to this born to act talent that, his looks are certainly knocked down a few notches in the list of things we love about Leonardo Dicaprio.

Listing his top 5 movies where he totally could have nailed the Oscars(Too bad for them)

  1. Titanic
    This one definitely has to feature on the list. He was a complete stunner as the rogue and rugged jack. I don’t know a girl who dint go all drooling over his crooked lopsided smile. He managed to break a lot hearts with his over zealous chemistry with Kate Winslet. The girls absolutely hate you Rose for letting him stay in water that day, while you basked on the plank(*unforgivable*)
  2. Blood Diamond
    This one struck a cord. The sheer beauty of Leonardo’s acting skills was on a whole new level. He amazed us with his astounding act as ‘Danny Archer’. He take us through the harrowing journey of the dark underbelly of diamond mining and manages to keep us hooked until the curtains draw. His powerful performance received the much deserved appreciation, however he is still shy of one shiny Oscar
  3. Shutter Island.
    Okay so how many people out here, who could speak about Shutter Island for hours endlessly and not blink while doing so! ME ME ME..shutter island was a complete ride, the perfect blend of great direction, amazing cinematography and of course a dash of pure acting brilliance. He simply stunned us once again with his acting excellence.How does this guy manage to act like he is the part,down to the nth second!
  4. Inception
    PURE GENIUS! Even Leonardo owes this one to the exceptional movie plot as much as the plot owes to Leonardo’s extraordinary acting. Who in their sane minds would believe and execute a concept like dream catchers as effortlessly as Dicaprio did. He made us believe that shit too! I almost wonder if I am in Limbo, because that’s how monotonous reality can get(* however, I would not mind being in one if I had the Dashing Dom with me building a world of ourselves.)
  5. The Revanant
    Please Please Please, he so deserves this one! He has all along.The Revenant might have been too gory for my liking or appetite, but if anybody could have made me watch the movie right up til the end out of sheer curiosity it had to be this guy! Leonardo Dicaprio as Hugh Glass was simply on top of the world with his Vengeance and revenge. He was the Revenant in every sense of the word. He was a bitter father that lost his son,and yet carries of the harrowing journey like his life depended on it(*literally though*). He made our heart’s leap to our mouth when he was shoved cruelly into his grave..his journey was mind blowing.

    SO let’s all spread a whole of of positivity for this exceptional man, a truly a superstar. Sure an Oscar isnt going to define his acting brilliance, but he truly does deserve this one!Love,
    Fan-who- will-rerun-all-his-movies!

Sweeping the world, one wave at a time.

Gravitational pull for most of us will remain a mere chapter in the Physics text books.Simply put, its a force that governs most of our activities. We have gotten used to  gravity, its a way of life , therefore barely giving it a thought.

But then one day…space-wallpaper-1

Bang! The world of physics is jubilant with celebrations. What’s all the hype about you wonder? Let me break it down for you.

1.What are gravitational waves?

Einstein suggested over a hundred years ago that, there exists a force in the form of waves that is released or emitted at a result of accelerated activity of an object with a very high mass . This causes warps in time & space adding a 4th dimension called the space time. This results in very weak minute ripple effect that has only been theoretically described in the theory of relativity by the genius himself.

2. What is the discovery that has taken the world by a ‘wave’?

Theoretical physics has actually come to life! For the very first time ever in history has there ever been the a complete concrete proof recorded and analyzed by The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory LIGO
A discovery that became evident on September 2015 by the scientists of LIGO was,that the collision of two ridiculously large black holes resulted in the ripple effect in the space time fabric. It is understood that these waves are too infinitesimally minute to be detected by technology over the years.

3. Gravitational waves detected finally! How?

It is said that in the last minute fraction of a second when the two humongous black holes merged to be one, resulting in the creation of one large massive mammoth of a black hole that was accelerating with a high velocity, this massive mass resulted in the tiny ripple that was detected by the sensors made with cutting edge technology.

4.Could that be proof of black holes existence for real?

Yes, this is by far one of the most hard hitting proofs of the existence of blackholes and their collision. It was almost certain that there was extremely slim to negligible possibility that a black hole collision would ever be proved or recorded. The generation of these gravitational waves is in line with Einsteins theory of gravitational waves that have been around over a century.

5. When are these gravitational waves generated?

These waves are generated when objects with a very great mass that accelerate therefore creating the ripple. This can happen in one of the many events in space and time like the creation of a Universe, explosion of giant stars, or a collision course of a dense dead star or as history in making suggests, the collisions of two massive black holes. In this case it is certain that two black holes that had masses 36 & 29 times respectively; than that of the sun collided about 1.3 billion years ago(No kidding)Right in that moment of collision, about 3 times of the mass of the sun was converted into gravitational waves! WHOA…

Gravitational waves have never before been recorded directly in the history of physics, the slight hint of existence of these waves was when a binary system composed of a pulsar in orbit around a neutron star, and then after years the field started shrinking its orbiting field in exactly the same time and pattern. It came into light that there must be a gravitational wave that must be playing a major role.This discovery was in 1982, a later went on to win a Nobel prize in 1993.

This recent mind numbing discovery of the gravitational waves opens up a whole new arena for gravitational astronomy and the implications of this discovery are limitless.The world will wait and watch as this discovery continues to astound us through its sheer greatness!


The Black Hole fan!

Words are attractive

While we may have so many words to write, tell, share…we all fall short of them! At some point, words fail us. And in worst cases its when we need them the most! Here’s some of the changing events in my life when words have failed me! Ironical that words actually are the means of my very existence! Anyways, read on..

  1. When he left
    Yes, cliche or whatever you may call it! I was dumbfounded, I was almost semi tongue paralyzed and extremely vulnerably too much of a wreck for the words to come out right. So what did I do? I stood there and watched him leave..(Best decision ever!)
  2. When the boss comes calling!
    Let me explain myself here, its not really that I am at a loss of words here! Its just the lack of common confidence at the right time. So when I do gather the courage to talk back, usually the moment is lost, STORY OF MY LIFE
  3. Fighting with a friend?
    This is one of those moments when I really rather not say anything, because honestly in my opinion there are very few crimes that match the order of stabbing someone with your words. Also the fact that, we expect that we shouldn’t have to explain something to your BAE…(*they absolutely have to get it*)
  4. When Parents draw out their weapons
    So this is one of those times when you are going on ranting about a happy/epic/dagerously-close-to-being-screwed-story(*that you thought would be funny to your parents*) and then it turns out you just turned on then monster in them,that starts with the list of things you shouldn’t be doing in your life(*I wonder how i still manage to get myself in these situations*
    So what’s your story? When did these over jubilant, over hyped words fail you?

Reminiscing Linkin Park through the years..

This my new ‘Epic Fangirling’ moment right here! I am going to bring Linkin Park in my blogs, goes without saying. Here’s a list of top 10 Linkin Park songs that everyone must absolutely hear, and the best parts of their lyrics just to get you hooked already! I mean how can you not love them right?

  1. Numb
    Can’t you see that you’re smothering me,
    Holding too tightly, afraid to lose control?
    ‘Cause everything that you thought I would be
    Has fallen apart right in front of you.
  2. In the End
    Things aren’t the way they were before
    You wouldn’t even recognize me anymore
    Not that you knew me back then
    But it all comes back to me
    In the end
  3. Across the Line
    With every battle he’s choosing
    With every fight he’s losing
    His enemy’s not far behind
    With every promise she’s broken
    With every lie she’s spoken
    Her enemy’s not far behind
  4. Robot Boy
    And you’re sure you’ve hurt in a way
    That no one will ever know
    But someday the weight of the world
    Will give you the strength to go
  5. Final Masquerade(*listen to this one for the music*)
    All I ever wanted, the secrets that you keep,
    All you’ve ever wanted, the truth I couldn’t speak.
    ‘Cause I can’t see forgiveness, and you can’t see the crime,
    And we both keep on waiting for what we left behind.
  6. Guilty all the same
    You’re guilty all the same
    Too sick to be ashamed
    You want to point your finger
    But there’s no one else to blame
  7. Iridescent
    Do you feel cold and lost in desperation?
    You build up hope, but failure’s all you’ve known
    Remember all the sadness and frustration
    And let it go. Let it go
  8. Pretend to be
    You’ve taken this too far
    Exposing who you are
    For all to see,
    You’re not the one that you pretend to be
  9. New Divide(* Hello Transformers*)
    There was nothing in sight
    But memories left abandoned
    There was nowhere to hide
    The ashes fell like snow
    And the ground caved in
    Between where we were standing
    And your voice was all I heard
  10. Powerless
    You hid your skeletons when I had shown you mine
    You woke the devil that I thought you’d left behind
    I saw the evidence, the crimson soaking through
    Ten thousand promises, ten thousand ways to lose

A few of these need to fall into to your ears for you to appreciate, give them a listen , you can thank me later.

Lots of love..
Linkin Park Fan..

Be your own SUPERWOMAN….

We all need some inspiration once in awhile, we all need some pep talk. We need to hear the words ‘It is going to be OK’. A post I read recently said ‘One Day all those late nights and early mornings will pay off’. They definitely will. So here is my pep talk for you for the week. I owe you that my reader!

SUPERWOMAN!a.k.a Lilly Singh. Yes that’s who she is indeed. An inspiration to millions(not exaggerating here). A super girl who decided to transform her own life and eventually ended up transforming and inspiring a million others.

She started with a standard schooling and then pursued her degree in psychology. And despite all of this somewhere along the way started battling depression. This is a first hand account from her from her recent world tour(Yes that’s how freaking popular she is right now). She narrated that, she came to a point where she chose against doing what everyone else in the society was doing(higher studies/getting a job, you know the the drill right?). This however came with its own set of pressures, she dealt with serious depression, felt worthless and at some point a little voice in her head said to give it all up. Guess what? she did listen, she listened to the louder voice in her head that said ‘Keep Going’.

As a way of dealing with her issues, she started making videos on YouTube(Random trivia moment-Currently she is one of the highest paid YouTube stars). She went on to gain popularity for the simple reason that everything she said was relate-able , that sums it! She simply spoke her mind out. She ended up meeting ‘Dwayne Johnson’ her idol, and only those who saw her Vlog about it will know what Fangirling is!

Currently one of the biggest stars on YouTube, brought her own place recently(ITS G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S), starred on the Jimmy Fallon show, completed a world tour at the age of 26, currently has over 5.3million subscribers on YouTube!

Life is simple really, do what you love! Give up whatever you have to for the sake of that, sleep, money, job, unhealthy relationships! JUST GO GET IT!(and yes, do listen to that voice in your head that says ‘Keep Going’)