Splitsecond pride..

Life is in the moments, its about that one second that defined your relationships, about the culmination of many seconds that made your day special! That moment when you eat your favorite burger(with extra sauce & cheese), when you receive the best birthday gift you could ask for, when your phone says ‘one unread message’ after a day of not talking, when you smell a new book!

But sometimes , its overwhelming to see the power of love and pride. So I go to attend this event, a dance competition of sorts for the kids. Right there witnessing one of the most wonderful thing there is to see in the world. This beautiful child dancing to Bollywood’s most peppy number, how indifferent she was to her audience, her attire demanded more attention than a crowd of 100 people…but amidst all of this was a man, her father, who was teeming with pride with a iPad in hand capturing his daughters acts like he must have been doing through the years…

This girl was autistic and her dance was splendid, and yet her father grabbed all my attention. I could not help but notice how proud your parents can be of your actions. It doesn’t matter who you are,if there is one thing that will keep you grounded to your roots, its them. And I don’t know what’s life without trying to bring them that single moment of pride. That single moment of explosive happiness on their faces. This is what untamed love is. This is what we should live for, whether its bringing happiness through your success , through happy relationships or through all the riches in the world. Life is about making them proud of who you turned out to be.Life is what we find in between these minutes, life is in these seconds….